Baker Street Advisors has the resources, experience and expertise to offer its clients a breadth
of services. Simply put, we quantify your needs and resources; organize your assets and liabilities;
ensure coordination across your estate planning needs, tax planning needs and insurance
needs; implement, measure and monitor an appropriate investment portfolio; and serve
as a single point of contact for all of your financial questions.

  • Our clients want a single point-of-contact for direct answers to their financial needs. We serve as that resource. In a world increasingly dominated by technology, our clients value the direct connection to our team. Each client is served by at least two professionals, who are readily available to them.

    Our personalized service is a reflection of the client’s particular objectives and constraints. We believe advice is best given with full knowledge of the client’s complete financial picture. Our clients rely upon us for matters ranging from the routine to the extraordinary.

  • Our investment process is rooted in the science and data that shapes the investment process at the nation’s largest university endowments. These simple themes include:

    Diversify your assets: If you have all of your assets in one basket, you are at great risk if you drop that basket. Combat the problem by finding a lot of baskets – interesting baskets – in which to put your eggs. Avoid market timing: Investors tend to follow trends, getting excited when something is going up and piling on just in time for a collapse.

    Keep fees to a minimum: In a single-digit return environment, the reduction of fees can represent a meaningful increase in investment returns. At Baker Street, we use our collective $4 billion in purchasing power in an effort to have our clients benefit from the lowest fees available under the circumstances.

    Pursue active management only in those markets where there is great opportunity: It is difficult to beat the market by very much or for very long. In the vast majority of cases, the tax and management of active management exceed the benefits.

    Our Investment Strategy Group intelligently synthesizes the a vast array of economic and investment research, allowing them to craft asset allocations designed to maximize after-tax, after-fee, risk-adjusted returns.

  • We are a investor in alternative assets classes. We strongly believe that the inclusion of those alternative asset classes can help improve risk-adjusted returns.

    In addition to a wide variety of public alternative investment vehicles, we have access to some of the most sought-after hedge fund, private equity, venture capital and private real estate managers. Our clients are able to invest along side some of the largest institutional investors.

  • Among other things, a sound wealth management plan addresses the matters of tax, insurance, and estate planning. A successful investment portfolio is often the output of a thorough wealth management plan.

    We work closely with our clients’ accountants and estate attorneys to ensure the integration of all of their financial affairs.

  • For those clients with complicated and demanding administrative needs, Baker Street Advisors offers the necessary resources and expertise. Our team has decades of experience working with some of the nation’s wealthiest families. We have the ability to efficiently organize and oversee the most complex administrative and financial structures.

  • Often, the greatest barrier to altering an investment portfolio is the potential tax cost. At Baker Street, we evaluate all portfolio changes on an after-tax basis. We have the technical ability to re-engineer existing portfolios to better reflect an indexed-approach, without realizing all of the embedded, taxable gains.

    The minimization of tax costs is an essential component of a successful investment plan.